• The ACTSBMA will bring the needs of its members to the attention of the Education and Training Directorate and pursue better support for School Administration Staff.
  • We will work strategically with the Directorate and the ACT Principals Association by providing a presence on committees and working parties when new initiatives are being developed for introduction into schools.

Other benefits which we expect to develop include:

  • Quality Professional Development opportunities – PD, particularly in leadership skills which are usually very expensive but with the help of sponsors, members can attend at little or no cost.
  • Collegiate networking with peers and support groups
    • Annual Mentoring Programs
    • Awards and Scholarships
  • There will be the opportunity to develop awards and scholarships for Business Managers. These could be for innovations or for particularly outstanding contribution to their school or education as a whole. Funds to be spent on PD would be awarded.
  • There is also the opportunity to introduce a program of “Business Manager for a Day” where volunteers would assist in the training of support staff to undertake this role.
  • We will be contacting our equivalents in the NSW government education system to arrange Regional visits to nearby schools as well as schools in larger city areas. eg. Sydney.
  • Four general meetings are held each year, where possible in Week 6 of each term. Members and non members (although we encourage all Business Managers to join) are briefed on current issues, topical guest speakers are engaged and members have an opportunity to network with colleagues from all schools in the ACT.
  • In the future we hope to conduct a residential conference each year to facilitate the ongoing professional development and collegiate networking for members, which is of prime importance. The annual conference would also attract attendance by interstate Business Managers through our affiliation with the Australian Association of Government School Administrators (AAGSA).