The ACTSBMA had it’s first meeting this term. A total of 71 Business Managers attended out of a possible 84. The founding committee was formed consisting of four office bearers and 7 committee members representing the different structures in our system. (These include P-yr10, P-yr2, P-yr6, yr 7-10 and colleges of yr11-12) Since this date arrangements have been made for a low key launch on Thursday 29 September consisting of a cocktail party sponsored by a local club. Invitations have been issued to the hierarchy of the department, principals, business managers, finance officers and student services officers. We have not invited any interstate guests at this stage as it will take a while to build up funds from membership fees and sponsorship. We have, however, already gained the support of the principals association and the deputy director of the department who have asked us to join them at one of their meetings this year.

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