The association commenced in September 2011 and is designed to provide ACT Business Managers the opportunity to be part of an association that will support members in pursuing their goals by providing relevant professional development opportunities. The ACTSBMA will bring the needs of its members to the attention of the Education and Training Directorate and pursue better support for School Administration Staff.

Members and non members meet at least four times each year; once per term. Additional opportunities are offered for sectors to meet each term for a more informal meeting. These meeting are held at the Hedley Beare Centre for Teaching and Learning in Stirling, ACT. The program of events is as follows:

  • Secondary School Business Manager meeting – Week 3 each term.
  • Primary School Business Manager meeting – Week 5 each term.
  • Combined School Business Manager meeting – Week 6 each term.
  • The Association Committee meets in Week 4 and 8 of each term.

Quality Professional Development opportunities are offered throughout the school year and during the stand down periods.

As an affiliated member of our national Australian Association of Government School Administrators (AAGSA) there are opportunities to be part of an interstate collegiate network. Like Victoria, as we grow and become a more mature association we can encourage International collegiate networking opportunities as they do with ASBO (USA and Canada), National College (UK) and Western Cape (South Africa).

In the future we hope to conduct a residential conference each year to facilitate the ongoing professional development and collegiate networking for members, which is of prime importance. The annual conference would also attract attendance by interstate Business Managers through our affiliation with the Australian Association of Government School Administrators (AAGSA).